Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've been saying for sometime now that the option to pay with a credit card was coming soon... and i'm happy to announce that after 8 months, that option is truly and really available!

Valentines day special!

Come in and get a
Soul facial and pedicure for $60.00 ($15.00 off)

You can always "accidentally" leave this page open for your husband, boyfriend or significant other to see ;)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas gift ideas

Need a Christmas gift?

Why not a Vitality Spa gift card? Who wouldn't want to come receive a facial or a microderm or a pedicure or get waxed or a chemical peel... ect. ect. ect.

As my Christmas gift to you, come by to get a gift card and I will take 20% off of the purchase. Let me help you do the math. That means a facial would be $40.00 instead of $50.00. A Chemical peel would be $52.00, instead of $65.00 And yes, if you get a microdermabrasion, I will take 20% off of the already discounted price. A microdermabrasion for 40.00 bucks?? Yep, it's true :)

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do I talk about sunscreen too much?

Q: So I have some facial lotion that has spf 15 in it. is that enough? Does it even matter in the winter?

A: NO! SPF 15 ISN'T ENOUGH! And YES! IT DOES MATTER IN THE WINTER! Ok, sorry, I got caught up in that. I'll stop yelling now!

Let's talk about sunscreen (it's so important!) and not just for wrinkle prevention (yes, it works wonders for that too) but it also works great for cancer prevention.

Let's say you don't burn, so you say to yourself, "oh but I never burn, so i'm ok!" WRONG! Every second your skin is exposed to the sun it is being damaged. And all of that damage doesn’t just go away, it builds up over your entire life. And ya, we all need vitamin D, but you can get enough with sunscreen on. Supplements help too.

Sunscreen tips:

* Yes, you need to wear sunscreen Not just when you are at the lake. It doesn’t matter if the sky is covered in clouds and you’re only going to the post office, UV Rays will stalk you. Forever.

* Some types of makeup have sunscreen in them. The problem is it gives people a false sense of security because it really only gives you a little bit of protection and you are not getting the coverage you actually need.

* Anything below SPF 20 isn’t worth your time. Sorry, but it's true. Ask your dermatologist. He or she will back me up.

* There are two different kinds of UV-Rays that you need to be protected against, UV-A and UV-B. The sunscreen you buy needs to be a broad spectrum sunscreen because that means it protects against both.

* If your skin is sensitive to sunscreen, I have an option for you. Image sunscreen. It is organic, AND it is tinted, so in the summer I use it as my base anyway. Lucky for you, I carry it in my spa.

*Don’t forget about your lips! They are skin too. Putting on high shine lip gloss might look super pretty but it will draw in damage like laying out with baby oil on. Use some chap stick (they have kinds that come with spf) first.

Most of the damage we cause to our skin happens in our teens but then doesn’t present itself until years later. Slather your kids up as soon as you take them outside. I wish I had been wearing sunscreen everyday since I was a baby. The closer your skin is to it’s natural color, the healthier it is.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December special

Take $15.00 off a microdermabrasion treatment! Regular price $65.00

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Q: There are so many different products out there, it makes me confused. What brand do you suggest?

A: There are so many good brands out there! I use (personally and in my spa-do you think I would suggest something that I wouldn't use?!) Glymed, Image and **Aveda. All three of these brands are A+ and you can't go wrong with them.

If you are wondering what to use for brown spots or oily/dry skin... ect.. come see me! I do free consultations and will explain your skin to you and help you find a product you will be happy with. :)

*Sadly, I do not sell Aveda in my spa. I wish I did though!
*Aveda is not to be mixed up with Avon. Two different companies!

Monday, October 11, 2010

All natural?

Is wearing makeup clogging my pores and ageing my skin faster? If I want good skin, should I stop wearing makeup?

First of all, I have bad news. Pores are so easily clogged. Most people have clogged pores. There I said it. Sorry. I do have good news though! Keep reading.

With or without makeup, walk outside for a few minutes on a busy street... then you probably have clogged pores. With all the polution and dirt, it's almost impossible to not to have a problem.

Good news: Certain types of makeup can/could clog your pores. Usually if you go with mineral makeup, or a nicer brand you are Ok. ALTHOUGH if you use a higher end makeup, but don't wash you face at night, then it will most definitely age your skin faster and clog your pores.

Makeup brands I really like: Glow minerals. Aveda. Clinique.

Lots of people use Mac. I personally feel like it's too heavy for my liking. As long as you are washing your face at night, then Mac is OK too.

So my advice is, find a nice brand of makeup, wash your face every night and try not to wear makeup a lot. If you can go with a clean slate, then go for it! I rarely wear makeup (usually out of laziness) but I do find that if I wear makeup a ton, then my skin feels like it's dirty.

So there you have it. Take it or leave it. (But I suggest you take it.)